Best Carpet Cleaning Beaverton Tips for Allergies

Having a family member with allergies or having allergies yourself, you know that having a clean home can sometimes be a challenge. From having to clean drapes, linens and your carpets there is always something to do. Allergies can arise from allergens such as dust mites, pollen and harsh chemicals used for cleaning. Here are some tips to clean your carpets and avoid having asthma attacks or allergies from the best carpet cleaning Beaverton residents trust:

1. Vacuum on a Regular Basis

To avoid having dust mites thriving in your carpet, it’s best to vacuum regularly at least 2 or 3 times a week. Walking in with dirty shoes can bring in unwanted dirt, dust and even grass or other particles that can cause allergies. It’s best to leave outdoor shoes in a mud room or avoid walking on carpet with dirty shoes Montpellier Maids Oxford Cleaners says. Make sure that you use a strong vacuum with HEPA filters and regularly change out the bags and filters.

2. Spot Clean Stains

You should always avoid leaving stains on your carpet, especially if it’s coffee, wine or pet urine. This can leave wine stain removed by the best carpet cleaning Beaverton Oregon companybad odors in your home and also soak into your carpet padding. Always make sure that when there are spills or any pet urine, its cleaned up right away with a clean rag blotting the area from outside to inside the spot. Make sure to use water first and then escalate things to any green cleaning product or homemade mixture to remove excess stain and odors to avoid allergies. Before spot cleaning with any cleaning products, make sure to always test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness and to make sure that the use of the product wont void your carpet warranty. If in doubt call your local carpet cleaning company and if if the product is recommended. Hello Carpets & Floors a Carpet Cleaning  Beaverton company wont mind answering these questions free of charge.


3. Avoid Hot Water Extraction Rental Vacuums

If you are allergic to mold or mildew, AVOID using a hot water extraction rental vacuum. Most rental vacuums don’t have the power to suck up all the water from your carpet and can cause the water to soak into the carpet padding. This will then cause mold and mildew buildup underneath your carpet, hence giving you allergies. Mold and mildew love dark and moist places so be sure to not use this method yourself. It’s best to call a professional to use their strong truck-mounted equipment to extract all the excess water. 

4. Use Green Carpet Cleaning Products

Hello Carpets & Floors uses green cleaning products to avoid allergy or asthma attacks and to better your environment. Some products you can make yourself are with vinegar, baking soda and any other green product cleaning agents. Some of the carpet powders bought at stores can cause asthma attacks so make sure to read the labels to check for those allergy-causing ingredients.

In order to avoid allergies, it is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 8 months. The best carpet cleaning Beaverton companies have the equipment and tools that will work with most types of carpet and will leave it fresh and clean. This will also avoid you having to put the much needed elbow grease in cleaning the carpets yourself. So if it’s that time to have your carpets cleaned, do as other locals and trust us with your carpet cleaning needs. We will do the cleaning for you! Give us a ring at 503 765-6264 or book online in under 60 seconds today!