Best Carpet Cleaning Process

In order to protect and preserve the health of your family here at Hello Carpets & Floors we developed the best carpet cleaning process.  Using only the most advanced equipment, in combination with safe cleaning agents, we will bring your indoor fibers and fabrics to the cleanest and healthiest state. We leave behind the safest possible indoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Inspection 

Part of providing you with the best carpet cleaning service possible is starting by thoroughly inspecting and walking-through the property with you to address all areas of concern.  We clearly explain procedures and processes to help you understand what to expect out of the cleaning.

2. Set Up & Protection

Before the cleaning process is started, every precaution is taken to protect your home. Walk-off mats and moving blankets are used to protect hard surfaces and corner guards used for walls

3. Vacuuming Vacuuming

We thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas being cleaned with our commercial HEPA powerhead vacuums.  These vacuums have two motors and feature 3 HEPA level filters ensuring the dust stays with us!

4. Stains & Treatment Options 

Next, we spot any special stains with carefully chosen professional products to loosen and remove them during steam extraction. Some examples of stains we can remove – gum, wax, red stains, soda, and pet urine and odor.

5. Clearing

We move small items out of the way and make sure your pets are safe and out of the way of our equipment and tools. 

6. Treatment

We then apply an emulsifier pretreatment all over the carpet, chosen for your specific carpet type and soiling level. Treatments are an essential part of the carpet cleaning process and is why pre-inspection is important. 

*After the first initial 6 steps is where most companies differ. This is where we shine; not every home can be treated the same with “special water”.  Each home has different types of carpet and we have the knowledge and experience to choose the best products to get the best result.  We use non-toxic gentle products that give you the best carpet cleaning you’ve ever had.

7.  Agitation

The carpet is gently buffed with an oscillating brush machine to completely break soil and grease away from the carpet fiber.  Our soft carpet brush does not damage the fibers but provides enough power to fully emulsify the dirt.

8. Extraction

Then we Steam Extract the carpets using our Truckmount System.  The carpet is rinsed with 210 degree hot water and simultaneously wet-vacuumed, thus the term extraction.  This method is the only method recommended by Mohawk Carpet Mills and is universally recognized to be the most thorough cleaning you can do for your carpets.

9. Post Spotting

After Steam Cleaning, we do a thorough post spotting procedure to remove any other stains that might be remaining after the initial steps.

10. Carpet Protection (Optional Treatment)

After the cleaning, we apply our 3M Carpet Protector for our premium level service.  By protecting your carpets we provide you with the best carpet cleaning, Carpet protector helps the carpet regain its stain resistance that was applied during manufacturing that may have worn off over time or use. It is highly recommended to apply 3M Protector after EVERY clean to ensure your carpet investment maintains its appearance and integrity over time.

11. Drying

One of the final steps in providing you with the best carpet cleaning serivce is our SpeedDry.  We place specialized carpet drying fans to dry the carpet.  This greatly reduces dry times and also minimizes browning, wicking and re-spotting. 

12. Post Inspections & Reviews 

Our final step involves YOU, our valued customer.  We walk you through how the cleaning went and show you all that was accomplished during the cleaning, if there is any additional recommendations we might have for you, or if there were any complications during the cleaning we let you know.  We believe in open communication and excellent customer service. We explain to you in clear English how everything works and what we can offer to solve most any concerns you have. We invite you to review our service and be a part of supporting our local carpet cleaning business. 

Why Our Step-by-Step Carpet Cleaning Process Is So Important


When you think of the best experiences you’ve had lets say at a theme park. There was a process to get on your favorite ride. First you stood in line with excitement. Then you met the attendant with your ticket or pass. You then hopped on and put on the safety belt or gadget. You made sure all your body parts were inside to prevent falling out etc. You get the picture. Every great experience has a process. Carpet Cleaning is just the same,

To be consistent in cleaning carpet, there must be processes and procedures put in place and followed. If these procedures are not followed the carpet will not be properly cleaned and therefore will not have a prolonged lifetime. Hello Carpets & Floors follows the industry standards set by carpet mills, the professional cleaning industry and public health agencies. These carpet cleaning processes assure you of clean, beautiful and resilient carpets, as well as a healthy home. One key step in our cleaning process is our set-up. During this step every precaution is made to protect your home by using:

  • Walk-off mats to protect your foyer and hard surface floors
  • Corner guards to protect the corners of your walls
  • Moving blankets to protect your hard surface floors

We hope to WOW you at every clean!

Here at Hello Carpets, We Don’t have any Gimmicks, just FABULOUS results. Give us a call at 503 765-6264 or Book Online to experience it for yourself!