Carpet Cleaning for Pollen

pollen seeds

Pollen is one of the most common causes for allergies in America. Pollen is prevalent in nature in grass as well as in trees and plants. You might feel that if you simply stay indoors during the spring when pollen counts are high you will avoid allergies but that is not often the case. Unfortunately, pollen is able to enter your home in several ways.

The leading reason for pollen in a home is open doors and open windows. It’s typical to open windows and doors in the springtime to enjoy the fresh air and breeze. However, that fresh air is often contaminated with pollen. The pollen will even enter through screen doors and windows too.

The other method for pollen entering a home is from clothing and shoes. The pollen is in the air outdoors and it attaches to the fabrics and fibers on clothes and shoes. Then, after you enter your home, the pollen eventually separates from the clothing and eventually settles into the carpet or furniture.

Your carpet in your home acts as a giant filter across the floor. All the dust, dirt, debris and allergens (including pollen and dust mites) float from the air down to the carpet and then are trapped in the carpet strands and fibers. The good news is the dust and allergens won’t enter the air again unless disturbed. Pollen will reenter the air if a vacuum with poor suction stirs it up or from foot traffic or pets.

You will want to remove the pollen from your carpet in order to ensure you do not suffer from pollen allergy symptoms. You can do this with consistent vacuuming during the springtime. A quality vacuum with a good filter will remove a lot of pollen from the surface of the carpet.

You can also use tape if you see yellow pollen stains. Stick the tape onto the stains and it should pull the pollen right off of the carpet. Be sure to wear a mask if you attempt this to avoid directly breathing in the pollen.

For pollen deeper in the carpet fibers and out of sight, you will want to hire a local Beaverton carpet cleaning service. Professional services offer powerful equipment and certified technicians able to deep clean carpet and remove allergens, soil and stains beneath the surface.

Hello Carpets & Floors in Portland, OR ( is able to effectively remove pollen from your carpet as well as dust and dirt. We use steam cleaning to extract dirt and bacteria from dirty carpet and restore the beauty and health of your home. Our technicians are IICRC Certified and we come highly recommended from our customers in the Portland area.