Carpet Cleaning Portland

You’ve probably rented one of those carpet-cleaning machines and tried it out in your home. What were the results? Probably…It was bad, wasn’t it? Ouch, we get it! Those machines just take away the dirt and grime nearest to the surface of your carpet and not the deep-down nasties. Take it from the pro’s, you’re much better off using a carpet cleaning Portland company residents trust to keep the appearance of your carpets looking like new.

Most of us decide to clean our carpets when we can see the dirt and stains. Trust be told by that time it’s often too late: stains have set, and particles have worked their way deep down into the padding of your carpet. So how often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned in order to not void the warranty and to keep a healthy environment in your home?

Carpets should be cleaned professionally by the means of hot-water extraction (commonly known as “steam cleaning”) every 3, 6 or 12 months. The frequency you should have your carpets cleaned by a carpet cleaning Portland professional may be different than your neighbor. To help you decide how often your carpets will need cleaning, here are some of the variables that can contribute to a more-than-once-a-year cleaning scenario.

Family Lifestyle

Families have different lifestyles and do things in different ways. Some families spend a lot of time outdoors, and others stay inside most of the time. Some people don’t allow street shoes in the house, and others barely wipe their feet before entering. Others eat only in the kitchen, and some take food and drink all over the house.

So in deciding how often you’ll need professional carpet cleaning by a carpet cleaning Portland professional, think about your family’s lifestyle. Does your family go outside a lot and track in a lot of dirt in? Do you have a lot of spills in the living room or do you wear your work shoes inside?

Chances are that if you have little kids or infants, you’ll need to have the carpets cleaned more frequently.

Are Pets a Factor in Your Carpet Cleaning Frequency?

Obviously, homes with pets will need more-frequent carpeting cleaning. Just how often, though, depends on the type of pet.

Older dogs, for example, can be incontinent, and cats often scratch litter out onto the floor. And then there are the longer-haired dogs that shed all over the place – and you know how much you enjoy vacuuming almost every day. 

More important, though, is the fact that pets shed dander and other skin detritus. This unhealthy organic debris eventually works its way down deep in the carpet where vacuuming just can’t pull it out. So if you have several pets in the house, a once- or twice-a-year carpet-cleaning schedule may not do the trick. With pets in the house, we recommend cleaning your carpets every 3 months.

Carpet Foot Traffic

Another important consideration is the foot traffic you get in your home. Do you have teenagers who have friends over all the time – you know, the ones who drag in dirty feet and empty your fridge? Or maybe you have several small children running in and out all day. If your home has heavy-traffic, it will need the carpets cleaned more often than a home with lighter traffic. You would benefit from having your carpets cleaned every 3-6 months. If you’re an empty nester you may be able to get away with just once every 12 months.

Type of Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpeting cleaning service use truck-mounted machines – the most powerful, yet still gentle, way to clean carpet? They should.

These machines produce water temperatures up to 250 degrees, which is needed to really dislodge soil and spills from carpet fibers. In addition, this hotter waters allows for a shorter drying time, so your carpet doesn’t get re-soiled before it dries, as we all know can happen.

Portable machines just can’t do this. So if your service doesn’t have truck-mounted machines then you’ll have to have your carpet cleaned much more often.

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Portland Expert

Not only the appearance, but the life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. And regular carpet cleaning can have a positive impact on your health as well. The team at Hello Carpets wants you to reap these benefits of our top-notch professional carpet cleaning in Portland. If your carpet is ready to be cleaned again, you can book online today