Carpet Cleaning to Remove Dust Mites

The human eye is unable to see dust mites on its own due to their microscopic size but that doesn’t mean that a dust mite infestation in carpet or a home is a not a big problem. An unclean home will contain millions of dust mites at a time. However, proper cleaning and hiring carpet cleaning Beaverton professionals can put an end to any home’s dust mite problem. Here is how:

Before we explain how carpet cleaning for your health removes dust mites, we will provide more information about dust mites in a home. Researches have identified 13 various species of dust mites and each one of the species is considered an allergen. All species of dust mites live in humid and damp areas in temperatures around 65-75 degrees. Some common areas include bedding, furniture, basements and carpet.

Dust mites prefer basements due to the damp and dark. However, dust mites prefer bedding, furniture and carpet for another reason. These areas of a home are popular breeding grounds for dust mites due to the buildup of dead skin cells in these areas. An adult will shed about 1.5 grams of their skin each day. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells and 1.5 grams is enough to feed one million dust mites in a day.

Therefore, dust mites can survive in bedding and furniture for a long time because people shed their skin directly on these surfaces. In terms of carpet, humans travel around their home with skin cells shedding and falling onto the ground.

No one wants dust mites in their home. Dust mites are unpleasant to think of and millions of them will lead to allergic reactions. There are several symptoms associated with dust mite allergies:

  • Itchiness
  • Eye & nose irritation
  • Coughing
  • Headaches

Homeowners that live with asthma are prone to experiencing chest pains and trouble breathing if too many dust mites breed in a home.

Better ventilation will address humidity in a home. You can improve ventilation by running ceiling fans and floor fans and leaving open doors and windows from time to time.

The best way to limit dust mite breeding and remove dust mites from a home is through consistent cleaning. You will want to wash your bedding often and vacuum carpet on a regular basis. In addition to day-to-day cleaning, we recommend hiring Hello Carpets & Floors for deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery one or two times a year.

Hello Carpets & Floors uses steam cleaning to remove allergens and dust mites from the surface of carpet as well as from deep within the fibers of the floor. You will experience cleaner and healthier carpets after an appointment with our professional technicians.