Carpet Cleaning Services

While we connect  the need of carpet cleaning services mostly due stains,wear and tear from humans and pets, pest infestations is also something we should keep in mind. Pest infestations typically occur in residential settings, but commercial buildings and facilities are not immune to being infested.

Our friends at Pest Control Elk Grove CA  told us that dust mites, ants, ticks and fleas are very common in infesting a structure from floor to ceiling and carpet fibers are not forgiven by these pests.

Carpet fibers hold a lot of dust, debris and food crumbs. Carpet is the catch of all things we don’t see. The things we don’t see or generally don’t pay attention to is typically the number one food source for ants and cockroaches. By getting rid of their food source, home owners and building keepers can greatly reduce their chance of survival, which is why professional carpet cleaning services is very important when it comes to pest control and prevention.

Vacuuming Your Carpet

Vacuuming your carpet plays a huge role whether it be in your home or building facility. Vacuuming main areas works great to keep the aesthetics of a home or building, but pests don’t typically hang out in plain sight. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum under and behind things. Vacuuming Helps Carpet Cleaning

Home Vacuuming

  1. Behind Doors
  2. Under Couches, Couch Cushions
  3. Under Dog/Cat Beds
  4. Under/Behind Beds
  5. Behind & Under large appliances (Refrigerator, Stove, Washer & Dryer)

Building Facilities

  1. Behind Doors
  2. Under Desks & Small Trashcans
  3. Large Trash Cans
  4. Commercial Kitchens
  5. Parking Lots

Although the above list is not an all inclusive list remember the most important part of vacuuming is to vacuum under and behind things that typically don’t get vacuumed. Vacuuming also aids in the upkeep of your carpets and helps your carpet cleaning service clean much better.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Weather you choose a traditional Carpet Cleaning Service or an Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaner, together with a good thorough vacuuming program, many have success controlling pest populations through hot water extraction or steam carpet cleaning. While there are many types of carpet extractors available, from portable units to truck-mounted systems carpet cleaning helps keep pests away and that is the goal.

The combination of high steam and vacuuming is effective because when you use dry steam on the carpet, the carpet fibers spread apart. When you vacuum after that, not only have you applied steam that kills living things in the carpet, but you’ve opened the fibers to extract more soil.

If you have any questions in regards to carpet cleaning helping with pest control feel free to drop me a line in the comment box.