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Hello Carpets delivers professional carpet cleaning Lake Oswego residents trust with a smile! We proudly serve homes and businesses in the Lake Oswego area and guarantee results you will love!

Hello Carpets is a certified steam cleaning company able to eliminate deep soils and dirt beneath your carpet. But we don’t stop there! We also clean furniture, area rugs, tile floors and hardwood and more! Read more about our services below …

We are family-run business from Lake Oswego. We adore the community and care for our customers in Lake Oswego and surrounding cities. Because of this, it is with much happiness that we are able to provide cleaning methods and solutions that do not contain harsh chemicals, toxins or pollutants of any kind.

To schedule an appointment with us in 60 seconds or less, you can use the button below or if you want to call and say “hi!”, Hello Carpets is available at (503) 765-6264.


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There is a common misconception when it comes to hiring steam cleaners in Lake Oswego and that is that if your carpet doesn’t “look dirty” it doesn’t need professional attention. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that any amount of visible dirt on the surface of your carpet is an indication that there are already several pounds of dirt hidden beneath the surface.

Dirt builds up beneath the surface of carpet every day. Research indicates that you will find one pound of dirt in every one square foot of carpet. This means the average room in most homes has well over 100 pounds of dirt in the carpet invisible to the human eye.

This deep dirt needs to be removed and only a professional carpet cleaning company can do it. That’s because the soil and bacteria embedded in the carpet fibers is too deep for a vacuum cleaner. It will eventually lead to a worn-down, flat appearance as well as discoloration if ignored for too long. If wear becomes too significant it can become permanent.

Manufacturers – including Karastan – recommend hiring a steam cleaning company at least once every 6-12 months in order to eradicate the dirt beneath the surface and prevent continued build-up.

We recommend vacuuming as often as possible, but it is a means to an end as dirt permeating the surface is inevitable and you will need to supplement with an annual carpet cleaning appointment from certified professionals like Hello Carpets!


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Hello Carpets will arrive at your door with a smile and “can-do” attitude. First, we perform an on-site audit and consultation to determine the condition of your carpet, its construction and materials and provide an estimate on the total time the service will require.

We encourage questions from our customers and are happy to provide answers and information concerning our solutions, equipment and expertise in steam cleaning.

With an action plan in place, we start to clean. Our service features industrial carpet cleaning equipment able to produce intense degrees of heat that eliminates germs and unwanted soil from the carpet pad and fibers.

In researching local steam cleaning companies, you will come to find there are two types of equipment a service can use, either portable or truck-mount. At Hello Carpets, we are partial to truck-mount equipment as it provides much more power than portable equipment. The truck-mount we use for steam cleaning produces 230 degrees of heat and strong suction to extract dirt.

Throughout the cleaning process, Hello Carpets uses a neutralizing solution that fluffs and softens your carpet. The solution is free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Then we use a rotary jet system to help restore the resiliency of your carpet.

After the cleaning process is complete, the carpet needs to dry for a minimal amount of time. There will be no soap or residue remaining in your carpet after an appointment with Hello Carpets nor will there be returning stains or resoiling. We promise beautiful, clean carpets for our customers and their home or business!


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Hello Carpets knows a healthy home needs more than just clean carpet. That’s why we offer professional furniture cleaning in Lake Oswego too! This service is perfect for sofas, recliners, sectionals, dining room chairs and almost any furniture imaginable. Upholstery cleaning from Hello Carpets restores the color of your furniture and removes dirt and bacteria from it too!

You need deep cleaning for your furniture just as much as your carpet. Your furniture is sat on, jumped on, spilled on and even more if you live with small children or pets. There’s almost nonstop wear and tear when it comes to furniture in a family home.

This means the furniture and its upholstery will wear and fade over time without annual deep cleaning from a professional service. Dirt will penetrate the upholstery and damage it if ignored. Don’t ignore your furniture. Call Hello Carpets! You can call us at (503) 765-6264 or just click the button below to book an appointment in less than 60 seconds. How easy is that? You can even include this service during your carpet cleaning appointment to save time.

Our technician will come to your home and survey your furniture to determine its construction, condition and the proper care necessary for a successful and safe cleaning service.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to upholstery cleaning. We inspect color fastness, fabric type, dimensional stability and more. The types of stains and soiling are important too. It requires an evaluation from an expert to ensure no damage occurs to furniture during deep cleaning.

Then the cleaning begins with the technician using a handheld vacuum on the headrest, cushions, back, sides and arms of the furniture for removal of loose soils, dust and debris. We prefer a clean surface prior to using our specialty cleanser for furniture.

Hello Carpets furniture cleanser loosens the embedded soil and bacteria under the surface of the upholstery. This is followed up by using a hot water vacuum able to rinse and extract the dirt. For hard-to-remove-stains, we use a horse-hair brush for removal.

The service includes your decorative throw pillows too! We leave no inch of upholstery unclean!


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Hello Carpets doesn’t stop at carpet and furniture. We clean area rugs too! The rugs in your home are in need of professional attention too and we’re ready to help!

Think of how much traffic your area rugs withstand every day. After all, homeowners place area rugs in hallways, doorways and in the traffic paths of living rooms and dining rooms. That’s a lot of traffic and eventually it can lead to the colors of your rug fading and damage to the fibers unless the rugs receive routine, proper care.

Hello Carpets rug cleaning is just what you need! Our technician will arrive at your home to gather your area rugs before we deliver them to our custom rug cleaning facility. Think of it as a spa day for your rugs, complete with pampering!

Once the rugs are in our facility, we inspect each one to determine its materials and the extent of the damage and visible wear and tear. Our technicians will consider dyes, fibers and other factors to determine the best course of action for safely cleaning the rugs. Once we know what we need to do to clean the rugs, we let you know. We will call and quote a price. If you are happy with the cost, we are too and the cleaning begins!

The process starts with dust removal. Our facility houses specialized equipment able to extract sediments and deep particles no vacuum cleaner can. DIY efforts for cleaning rugs don’t match what our equipment is capable of.

Then it is time to wash the rugs. How we wash the rugs depends on what we discovered during our inspection. The process varies based on the rug construction, materials and conditions. Pet urine and odors is another factor that will alter the rug cleaning process if present.

After we wash the rugs, we dry them. This is done on our industrial drying racks we keep in a controlled environment. The environment allows us to monitor the temperature levels and humidity to ensure the best conditions for drying your rugs.

Then we start the carding process. This process is where we smooth and soften the rug surface to eradicate impurities in the fibers and remove shorted or damaged fibers preventing a consistent weave.

That’s it! We give the rug one last final inspection to ensure it is as clean as can be before we ship it out back to you and your home for you to enjoy!



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They’re Delightful.

I am impressed by the level of top notch service that I received from Craig today. I called them just a few days ago and they had immediate openings, which I needed before I moved into my friend’s home due to my animal allergies. He was professional and took the time to assess the work, set-up the equipment, and worked for 4 hours deep cleaning the master bedroom, hallway, stairs and two couches. I appreciated Craig’s personable spirit, attention to detail, and explanations of carpet care to me.

Shelly Y.

Highly Recommended.

I’ve used them for carpet cleaning and found their work to be exceptional! They were very accommodating with scheduling, even cleaning on aSunday. Craig was very professional, friendly and was thorough in his explanations. We have 3 pets and kids so that equals a lot of stains. Craig worked some magic and had our carpets looking fresh and clean. He even got a red wine stain out that other cleaners couldn’t remove. I would absolutely use them again and recommend them to others.

Melody L.

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