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Hello Carpets is your “go-to” source for residential and commercial carpet cleaning Tigard, Oregon residents trust. You won’t believe the results after an appointment with us! 

We deliver certified steam cleaning services that eliminate embedded particles and soil underneath the surface of your carpet. Additional services include area rug cleaning, hardwood floor care and tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more! Please continue reading for more information on our cleaning services …

Hello Carpets is a local, small business and family-run company from Portland, OR. We care deeply for the well-being of the Tigard community and its residents. That’s why we’re so proud to offer cleaning methods and solutions free of harsh chemicals and contaminating pollutants and toxins.

You can schedule an appointment with Hello Carpets online in 60 seconds using the button below or give us a call at (503) 765-6264 today!


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We often hear that homeowners don’t think hiring a steam cleaning company is important because their carpet doesn’t have any visible stains or look dirty on the surface. Homeowners in Tigard will delay calling us until their carpet is filthy but sometimes that is too late.

You should never wait longer than 6-12 months for professional carpet cleaning even if you don’t see stains or dirt on the surface. This is because over time dirt, toxins and bacteria build up underneath your carpet in the pad and fibers. In fact, studies have proven that the average square foot of carpet holds one pound of soil in it.

Dirt beneath the surface does a lot of damage. This deeper dirt will wear down the carpet pad and the fibers and create a “flat” appearance. Embedded soil and bacteria will also lead to discoloration and the fibers will lose their resiliency as the dirt is ground into them through foot traffic.

Manufacturers – including Mohawk Flooring – recommend hiring a steam cleaner no less than once every 6-12 months in order to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria under the surface of the carpet.

You can prevent some dirt from permeating the surface with routine vacuuming and spot treatments but neither will put an end to soils and bacteria reaching the carpet pad. That dirt must be removed with powerful extraction equipment operated by a trained professional. That’s us, Hello Carpets!


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Hello Carpets arrives at your home or your business and performs an on-site consultation to evaluate the current condition of your carpet and answer questions pertaining to our service, equipment and solutions. We’re happy to answer all customer questions and provide an estimate of the length of the service and anticipated results and dry times.

Then we start to clean. Hello Carpets uses state-of-the-art extraction equipment able to produce extreme heat that safely removes bacteria and unwanted contaminants from deep within your carpet.

There are two popular types of carpet cleaning equipment, portable and truck-mounted. Hello Carpets uses a truck-mounted system for steam cleaning as it provides much more power than portable equipment. Our equipment produces 230 degress of heat that sanitizes carpet and extracts dirt.

Our carpet cleaning process features a neutralizing solution that produces fluffier and softer carpet. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in this solution so it is safe for your family and your pets too!

Then our rotary jet system restores the resiliency of the carpet and that’s that. Your carpet is “like-new” with its color, comfort and resiliency restored.

Once the cleaning service is over, some minimal drying is necessary. After that, there are no traces of soap or residue left behind which will prevent resoiling or returning stains. Your just left with beautiful carpet and a fresh scent in your home!


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Sure, Hello Carpets is a carpet cleaning company in Tigard, but that’s not all we clean. We also offer professional cleaning services for your home’s furniture too! Our cleaning restores the color of upholstery and fabrics and eliminates germs and bacteria living in the furniture.

Professionally cleaning your upholstery is no less important than steam cleaning your carpet. Furniture is subject to endless amounts of wear and tear every single day. That wear and tear is even greater if you live in a home with children and/or pets. A toddler, or even a teenager, puts on a lot of stress on furniture and pets shed and leave behind oils and odors in the cushions.

There’s no getting around it. Furniture and upholstery will wear down and its color will fade as dust and debris collect and build up. This deep dust and dirt will damage the furniture if it is not removed. Don’t let that happen. Hello Carpets is here for you! Call (503) 765-6264 or use the button below to schedule upholstery cleaning in Tigard, OR.

Your Hello Carpets technician will greet you at your door with a friendly smile and a helpful attitude. He will inspect your furniture in order to determine its materials and construction and how to proceed in successfully and safely cleaning the upholstery.

We consider factors that include color fastness, dimensional stability, fabric type and more before we proceed. Every type of fabric has its own unique properties and requires the keen eye of a professional to ensure safe solutions and methods are used during cleaning.

The process then starts with the technician vacuuming the arms, sides, headrest, cushions and back of the furniture to suction off loose debris, dust and crumbs from the surface of the furniture before we proceed with our specialty cleaning solution.

The cleanser Hello Carpets uses for upholstery cleaning loosens deep dirt and soils under the surface. Then we turn on a hot water vacuum that rinses and extracts the dirt. We go one step further for hard-to-remove stains and use a horse-hair brush to remove them from the furniture.

Don’t worry! We clean your decorative pillows too! The entire process is perfect for sofas, recliners, love seats, dining room chairs, sectionals, ottomans, benches, car interiors and more! Hello Carpets will even clean your boat interior too. If it’s upholstery, we will clean it!


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Don’t forget about your area rugs! The rugs in your home need deep cleaning just as much as your carpet and your furniture. Hello Carpets is ready to help!

Your rugs are placed in areas of your home that receive the most traffic. You place rugs in doorways, in hallways, in front of your kitchen sink and on your stairs. All of those areas receive heavy amounts of traffic and that traffic will wear down your rugs and lead to color fade without rug cleaning and the proper care.

Hello Carpets to the rescue! We come to your home to pick up your rugs and deliver them to our very own state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility.

Once we have your rugs in our facility, our experts inspect them to determine what materials they’re made of and the extend of the damage to the rugs. We also consider the dyes and fibers to determine the proper solutions and techniques to use for cleaning. Once we have a plan for how to clean your area rugs, we will call you with an exact price quote and wait for your approval. If you’re happy with the price of our service, we will proceed.

The first step in our area rug cleaning process is to perform dust removal. We use specialized equipment that extracts sediments and particles that a vacuum cleaner and DIY techniques cannot.

Next, we wash the rugs. The process we use for washing the rugs will depend on the soiling and the stains we identified during the initial inspection. The construction of the rugs as well as the presence of pet odors and/or urine will also be a factor in the washing process.

Then we transfer the rugs to the drying racks in our facility. We built the drying racks in a controlled environment that lets us monitor and control the temperature levels and humidity to guarantee that the rugs will dry at the best rate.

Once drying is complete, we begin the carding process. The carding process is where we smooth out and soften the rug surface and remove impurities and shortened rug fibers to create a clean and consistent string of fibers. This effect is what we call a “sliver”.

We’re almost done! After carding, we perform another inspection for final approval. This is to ensure the results of our service are what we expected before we return the rugs to your home.


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What Customers Are Saying About Hello Carpets

They’re Delightful.

I am impressed by the level of top notch service that I received from Craig today. I called them just a few days ago and they had immediate openings, which I needed before I moved into my friend’s home due to my animal allergies. He was professional and took the time to assess the work, set-up the equipment, and worked for 4 hours deep cleaning the master bedroom, hallway, stairs and two couches. I appreciated Craig’s personable spirit, attention to detail, and explanations of carpet care to me.

Shelly Y.

Highly Recommended.

I’ve used them for carpet cleaning and found their work to be exceptional! They were very accommodating with scheduling, even cleaning on aSunday. Craig was very professional, friendly and was thorough in his explanations. We have 3 pets and kids so that equals a lot of stains. Craig worked some magic and had our carpets looking fresh and clean. He even got a red wine stain out that other cleaners couldn’t remove. I would absolutely use them again and recommend them to others.

Melody L.

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