Vacant Home Carpet Cleaning Portland

The crews at Hello Carpets and Floors are the unsung heroes when it comes to vacant home carpet cleaning Portland residents trust. Getting your carpet cleaned is the light at the end of the tunnel in the stressful process. The place is empty but it all just seems so dirty. What to do?

Hiring a carpet cleaning company will not only speed things up, but will also improve your mood and save you money. Whether you are a tenant, landlord or homeowner,  here are five ways that hiring a Portland carpet cleaning company will speed up the moving process.

1. Relieves Stress

Moving stinks!

Don’t confuse the joy of a new home with the actual act of moving. Because we all forget just how much we will love the new view while we encounter dirt we didn’t know we had. Seriously, the cleaning crew comes regularly. What is that odor emanating from the carpet where the armoire used to be?

Now that all the boxes and furniture are gone, you know you are in the final stretch before the landlord’s walk through. You’ve already spent days, if not weeks, packing up and are exhausted. Don’t get bogged down in the stress of getting the place spotless. Hire a crew to power through the bathrooms and kitchen and get a carpet cleaner to refresh the carpet. Think of the cost as coffee for your moving soul. 

2. Get Your Deposit Back

Walking into a home with freshly cleaned carpets not only looks nicer, but also it smells fresher and cleaner. Landlords are doing a walk through making sure the place isn’t trashed. With no stains and the carpet smelling as fresh as the Portland rain, you’ll be one step ahead in getting the deposit back. Of course, the rest of the house needs to be clean too but that first impression shows you care enough to get the carpets cleaned. That’s big!

While the landlord won’t admit this to you, you just saved him the time and money of hiring a carpet cleaner. He is required to provide a clean unit to new tenants. Want to solidify your position for that deposit return? Give him the cleaner’s receipt so he has proof that the carpets were done professionally.

3. Landlords Compliance With Renters Laws

As a landlord, you need to maximize budget costs when transitioning one tenant to another. You know you need to provide them a clean unit to move into and that includes the carpet, especially if a previous tenant had a pet. That being said, if the carpet was just replaced two years ago and has a life expectancy of 10 years, replacing it is just not a cost-effective option. You need a vacant home carpet cleaning Portland company you can trust.

Hiring a carpet cleaning service to make the carpet look new is the smart way to put the finishing touches on “move in ready” for the new tenants. This protects you legally as a landlord and also just makes the transition easy peas-y for everyone.

It’s important to know that in Oregon, a landlord can only withhold deposit funds for a carpet cleaning if it is specifically mentioned in the lease and a professional company is hired.

4. Happy Tenants are Good Tenants

Happy tenants are less likely to be problem tenants. Think about it. If a tenant knows that you care and don’t just show up to collect rent, they are more apt to care about the property too. By showing you want them to feel comfortable and happy, and that you also take pride in your property even though you don’t live in it, they will be more tolerant if and when something goes wrong – which is frequently the case with rentals.

Set the tone from the start and you might buy yourself a headache of complaints down the road by going the extra mile when the tenants move in.

5. Maintain Property Value

How much rent you can collect is contingent on the fair market value of the property. Units in nicer areas garner higher rents. That being said, if your property is the eye sore of the neighborhood, you won’t get what everyone else is getting.

You don’t have to remodel to retain the highest market valuations. Keeping the interior clean with fresh paint and clean carpets along with maintaining landscaping outside do go a long way. It’s certainly worth the tax-deductible expense of a professional carpet cleaner to keep the market and rental value of your home as high as it can be. When it comes to Move Out Cleaning Portland residents trust we recommend Mess Maid Right NW.

Hello Carpets and Floors can help with your vacant home carpet cleaning Portland needs. Book online today!