What is WoolSafe® Certification?


Hello Carpets & Floors has received WoolSafe certification for our wool carpet cleaning and restoration services in Portland, OR.

The WoolSafe Certification badge is advertised on our website and indicates the level of expertise we deliver to our customers in Beaverton, Tigard and Lake Oswego as well as those in the Portland area.

The WoolSafe Organization promotes and recognizes the best practices, products and processes for cleaning wool carpet and rug. The organization then awards those services and manufacturer’s with their certification. This certification benefits consumers, manufacturers and cleaning professionals like Hello Carpets & Floors.

Local consumers can be confident their wool carpets and rugs are safe if they decide to hire a steam cleaning company that features WoolSafe certification. Manufacturers can continue to improve their products to meet the necessary requirements for certification and cleaners can provide a certain level of trust when the WoolSafe certification is advertised on their website and other materials.

Carpet cleaning technicians can also participate in the WoolSafe Academy for expert training on the proper care and techniques for cleaning wool and other natural carpet and rug fibers.

Products must pass a long list of criteria including the presence of brightening or reducing agents. The product should not lead to resoiling or surface level stains and the wool carpet must be 100% safe following the test.

You can visit the WoolSafe website to find a complete list of products that have met the criteria and local service providers that advertise WoolSafe certification.

You can be confident when you hire Hello Carpets & Floors that your wool carpet and rugs will be restored to their original beauty and won’t incur any type of damage or negative effects from our cleaning process.

You can contact us with questions concerning our WoolSafe certification as well as our cleaning process.