Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service


The holiday seasons have come upon us here in Portland, Oregon & surrounding areas and the weather is changing. We take caution when heading outdoors by wearing our coats, gloves and scarves but what about inside our homes? This holiday season make sure to have your carpets cleaned before the big celebrations by a professional carpet cleaning service. Christmas is near and then the new year is just around the corner! You have bought the gifts for family and friends, bought ingredients for the Christmas dinner and prepared the guest rooms for those flying in.

But wait! Have you cleaned your carpets already?!

If you haven’t even thought about your carpets, don’t stress out, let the professionals at Hello Carpets & Floors handle the job for you. If you think you don’t need a professional to clean your carpets, here are 5 reasons why you need to this holiday season:

5 Benefits of Clean Carpets

Dog on Carpet


Improve Air Quality: You think of pollution while you’re driving down the street and see a car emitting smog from the emission but did you know there are air pollutants in your home? Indeed there are. From mud, dust and pets, there are many air pollutants in your home and most get stuck in the carpets. The carpet fibers can become entrapped by all the dirt coming from your shoes, pet hairs and even dust mites. If you want great air quality, especially for your kids, get your carpets cleaned this holiday and give your family the gift of better indoor air quality.


Avoid Health Issues: Maybe you’ve gotten used to the dust and pollen in your home but remember that guests will be arriving from out of town and don’t have the same strength and well-being as you. Think about those elderly and newborns coming in town that might need to be in a pollen and dust free environment. Carpets can get dirty from dust, pollen and other allergens as mentioned above and we want to take care of this for you. It’s best to avoid your asthmatic family member from having an asthma attack right in the middle of dinner.


Maintain the Beauty of Your Carpet: Make sure that whenever there are spills, play-doh stuck in the carpet or when your fur baby has an accident on the carpet, be sure to clean it up right away. If we let the spills and all the other accidents get soaked up in your carpet, stains can be difficult to remove. Remember, your family will probably be gathering around the tree and sitting on the carpet so avoid those embarrassing moments when little Bobby asks why there is a stain by the train model around the tree. Kids have a keen eye for little things!


Keep Warranties Intact: Another great benefit to clean your carpet on a regular basis and especially during the holidays, is because it will be maintained and odor free. Some manufacturers and carpet installers have certain warranty limitations and you want to avoid losing your warranty as much as possible. Some recommend professional cleaning done at least every 18 months, which doing this during the holidays can help you remember when the last time you had your carpet professionally done.


Don’t Throw Money Away: Protect your investment in your carpet by maintaining it and upkeeping it on a regular basis. Especially if you want to maintain your warranty as stated in point number 4. Vacuuming and keeping it clean will help avoid having to pay someone to remove and install new carpet every other year.

Now you know why getting your carpet cleaned during the holidays will benefit not only you and your loved ones but your wallet. Have your home looking its best for every occasion by calling your trusted Portland Oregon Hello Carpets & Floors at 503 765-6264 and using our professional carpet cleaning services today.