Carpet Cleaning for Your Health

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In our last post (5 Reasons to Get Your Carpet Cleaned This Holiday Season), we provided a few reasons it is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning service prior to the holidays and throughout the year.

Of course, the most common reason for hiring carpet cleaners in Beaverton, OR and nearby communities is to improve the appearance of your home’s carpet. But another reason we pointed out was to avoid health issues related to bacteria, dust, dirt and germs in dirty carpet.

Hello Carpets & Floors recommends carpeting for homes. There are several benefits of carpet homeowners will experience and enjoy. However, carpet does require routine care and maintenance in order to preserve its quality and deliver benefits. Over time, dirty carpet will do more harm than good and that includes impacting the overall health of a home.

This infographic from states that an unclean carpet can be up to 4,000x dirtier than your toilet seat and can contain as much as 4x its weight in dirt.

You see, dirt and dust in the air of your home eventually circulates and drops to the surface. In the case of tile and hardwood floor, these allergens and particles eventually recirculate into the air. In the case of carpet, the particles stick to the fibers of the floor and are trapped there. That is how dirt accumulates and builds up over time.

These Particles Can Include:


Dust mites are known to cultivate and breed in warm, damp regions of a home. You will often find dust mites in bedding and carpet is another popular breeding ground too. Learn more about dust mites here.


Pet urine contains bacteria and heavy amounts of ammonia. Extensive amounts of concentrated ammonia in carpet can lead to respiratory issues in addition to destroying carpet.


Pollen enters a home through open windows and doors and then becomes trapped in the fibers of carpet. A buildup of pollen in a home can lead to allergic reactions and health issues. Learn more about pollen in carpet here.


Mold grows in carpet after extended periods of dampness. You will find mold growth in darker rooms with poor ventilation and will need to remove it from carpet immediately. Learn more about mold in carpet here.


VOCs are a chemical compound common in manmade and synthetic materials. You will find VOCs in new carpet as well as in manufacturer stain guards and preservative chemicals. Learn about VOCs in carpet here.

Particles on the surface of carpet can be removed with vacuuming and spot treatment. Particles deeper in the surface require professional carpet cleaning equipment in order to be removed from the floor and your home.

Hello Carpets & Floors uses steam cleaning methods to effectively remove allergens, dirt and germs from carpet fibers. The process is fast and efficient and results in beautiful carpet and a healthier home for you, loved ones and guests to enjoy this holiday season and throughout the year.